Yard Barker referred to the Boston Red Sox as his destination. He thought the Boston Red Sox could concede up to two players.

“Unfortunately for the Boston Red Sox, San Diego is only paying $8 million to Kim Ha-sung (in 2024), so we are not considering transferring any of its players,” Yard Barker said. “However, all of its players can be traded at a reasonable price. If the Boston Red Sox offers a starting pitcher who can immediately become a powerhouse for San Diego’s team because of his good ball control, such as Nick York (21) and Tanner Hauke (27), San Diego’s general manager A.J. Preller could consider it.”

“Freeller is well known for his aggressive tactics in the management of baseball teams over the years. It is certainly part of an aggressive strategy to send a player of more value to another team,” he said. “San Diego has had a tough season, so we will carry out anything in the Stove League this winter.” San Diego sought to win the presidency by recruiting superstars such as Fernando Tatis Jr. and Xander Bogaerts. However, the team failed to play any fall baseball in the 2023 season, ranking third in the National League with 82-80 wins.

In the meantime, Kim Ha-sung has grown into one of the stars representing San Diego. It may not be an easy decision to trade Kim Ha-sung, who is loved by San Diego fans. “Kim Ha-sung is one of the players who has been consistent throughout the season. Therefore, it is not easy for fans to accept Kim Ha-sung in a trade,” Yad Barker wrote. 스포츠토토

“But San Diego is in the process of winning the championship. If Preller believes that Kim Ha-sung’s trade will bring more wins soon, the trade can become a reality.” (But the Padres are in the business of winning and if Preller trusts that a trade of Kim would help them win more games, it’ll Happen) “There is still a slim chance that Kim Ha-sung will be traded, but we can’t say that it will never happen.” (When it remains unlikably that Kim will get traded, never say never.) A lot of strange things have happened in baseball’s history, and San Diego is feeling a lot of pressure this offseason.”

Meanwhile, Kim Ha-sung said he doesn’t care about the continuous trade rumors surrounding him. “Next year is the season just before the FA, so I’ll do my best without getting hurt,” Kim said at an official press conference on the 20th. “I was very stressed at first, but I don’t care at all now. Trade means other teams need me. It doesn’t matter if any team is guaranteed time to play. Still, I like San Diego,” he said, expressing his affection for the team.

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