Winning Cycle Slot Machine

What happens to the win cycle of the slot machine? Is there a period of time when the machine is set to give little, medium, much, or no? Keep reading about the slot machine winning cycle on forums and some sites. We ourselves have worked in the gambling industry for decades, so we want to add two cents. 경마사이트

The difference between an arcade and an online Casino
Whether in an arcade or an online casino, computer programs calculate wins and losses. While good slot machines with returns of more than 95% are used on the Internet and in casinos, other (extremely bad) regulations apply to game machines in arcades.

This is why we treat the two variants here separately.

What is a win cycle in the slot of a spiel?
Slots are always based on random number generators. This is to ensure that the following results are completely independent of the previous spin. This applies to the well-known principle that “accidentity has no memory.”

The easiest way to explain this is to play roulette. The fact that red came five times in a row means that the probability of black and red is the same again in the next round. However, supporters of slot machine win-cycle theory believe that slot machines have different stages or cycles.

If the machine only swallows your money without paying anything, it’s a low level. When enough money is lost on the slot machine, the slot switches from short to high for medium time. Now a lot of prize money is paid regularly. As soon as a certain percentage of the bets collected at the lower stage are paid, the machine returns to normal operation and the user is defeated again.

Example: The machine swallows a total of 1,000 euros for 10 hours. In the subsequent winning phase, 900 euros will be paid back to the players for a net amount. The remaining 100 euros will be delivered to arcade operators or online casinos as revenue.

But at least according to supporters of the winning cycle theory of slot machines, how long the losing cycle is and how long the winning cycle lasts is always random.

Of course, every spin in a random number generator is completely nonsense because it is always independent of the previous spin (and still future spin). Programmed profit and loss steps contradict this.

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