This Week in Gambling: Can Las Vegas Casinos Shut Down Again?

Las Vegas casino restrictions requiring employees to wear masks indoors. Gambling news this week showed Nevada following CDC recommendations, meaning tourists at Las Vegas casinos should also wear masks. Will social distancing and capacity limits follow? And could the Las Vegas shutdown actually happen again?

In the final episode of the week in gambling, we said Las Vegas’ mask mandate had been reinstated, but it only applied to casino employees and others working indoors and around the public. But we said things were fluid and could change at any time. Today is the moment.

Nevada Gov. Sisolak signed an emergency directive requiring all individuals (whether employees or tourists) to wear face masks starting July 30. The guidelines come amid a recent wave of infections caused by the new “Delta variant” of the coronavirus. In Nevada, nearly 1,000 people recently tested positive for COVID-19, the highest daily rate since late January. 카지노사이트 순위

Las Vegas face masks are back, but there’s no word yet on social distancing or casino capacity limits. Obviously, there’s everything that could change at any time. The Las Vegas shutdown hasn’t been discussed yet, but no one was discussing getting tourists to wear masks last week. Stay with us for more information on Las Vegas COVID.

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