The victim said, “Hwang Ui-jo should have been banned from leaving the country earlier…It’s too late to investigate.”

While the police requested Hwang Ui-jo (32), a footballer suspected of illegally filming, the victim’s lawyer criticized that he should have banned him from leaving the country. Woo Jong-soo, head of the National Investigation Division of the National Police Agency, said at a regular press conference on Tuesday that he had requested Hwang Ui-jo to attend the third round and is adjusting the date of his attendance. However, the police plan is not to disclose the specific schedule to the media.

Hwang Ui-jo, who is suspected of illegally filming sex with his ex-lover, has returned to the Norwich City of the English Professional Football Championship (second division league) and is staying in England. Hwang Ui-jo has not responded to the second summons after being questioned by the police once on Nov. 18 last year. The police sent requests for attendance twice, including on Dec. 27 last year and Jan. 5 this year, but Hwang refused due to club circumstances.

In response, Lee Eun-eui, the victim’s legal representative, expressed regret to Newsis, saying, “The police started investigating Hwang Ui-jo too late in the first place, and there is a crime of not banning him from leaving the country.” According to the legal representative, the victim appeared at the police in early August and stated the details of the damage after the controversy over his private life erupted in June last year. Since then, he has been questioned by the police four more times.

Lawyer Lee insisted, “If Hwang Ui-jo continues to avoid further investigation, the police forcefully summon him or if he does not respond to the summons, he should send him based on existing evidence.” Hwang Ui-jo chose to go to England immediately without returning home after the 2026 North-China World Cup qualifying match in Shenzhen, China, on November 21 last year.

Later, through a legal representative, he said, “The video was agreed upon between the lovers at the time,” adding, “We do not have the video and have not leaked it at all.” In the process, he was embroiled in a controversy over the second assault by taking a position to identify the victim. 경마

According to his team, Norwich City, Hwang Ui-jo was unable to play on the 7th due to a hamstring injury and will be absent for the next six weeks. As a result, it is predicted that Hwang Ui-jo, who had delayed the recall investigation due to “the club’s circumstances,” may return home soon for police investigation.

An official from the Cybercrime Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, which is in charge of the investigation of Hwang Ui-jo, said, “As we have requested attendance, we are not in a stage to review the forced summons,” adding, “We are conducting an investigation in accordance with the procedure.”

Meanwhile, his brother-in-law A, who was accused of spreading and threatening Hwang Ui-jo’s private life video, completely denied the prosecution’s indictment in his first trial on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes (Retaliation Threatening, etc.) and violating the Sexual Violence Crime Penalty Act (using cameras and shooting and distributing them) held at the hearing of the 31st Criminal Agreement Department of the Seoul Central District Court (Chief Judge Lee Jung-min).

In June last year, A claimed to be Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover, and was accused of sharing photos and sex videos of Hwang Ui-jo and other women on social networking services (SNS) and threatening Hwang Ui-jo.

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