The veteran pitcher, who changed his uniform, was sluggish for no reason and disappeared from the first division

There was no particular injury. The veteran pitcher, who changed his uniform, was sluggish for no reason and disappeared from the first division. KIA Tigers Kim Dae-yu is back on the first division stage in 98 days.

KIA Tigers left-hander veteran pitcher Kim Dae-yu pitched again in the first division stage in three months.

KIA won the game against SSG at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the 2nd, winning seven consecutive games. Kim Dae-yu took the mound in the ninth inning and kept the team’s last mound with one hit and no run, sharing the joy of winning seven consecutive games with his teammates.

KIA added left-hander veteran pitcher Kim Dae-yu to the first division expansion entry in September. Along with Kim Dae-yu, KIA added pitcher Park Joon-pyo, catcher Han Seung-taek, and infielder Hwang Dae-in to the first division expansion entry.

Kim Dae-yu, who made his professional debut in 2014, played as a must-win bullpen pitcher when playing for LG in the 21st-21st season. In the fall baseball with LG, he has a total of four games played in two games against Doosan and two against Kiwoom.

Kim Dae-yu was named as a reward player for Park Dong-won, who transferred from KIA to LG as an FA, and moved the team from LG to KIA. He was a left-handed specialist who kept his team’s victory when he was in LG, but he was sluggish after changing his uniform this season.

He expected the veteran’s performance, but Kim Dae-yu allowed a run from the first game in April when he played in a KIA uniform. His ERA soared to 12.79 in 12 games he played in April. Although his performance improved a little in May, it was not suitable for his reputation. After taking the mound against LG on May 28, he was no longer seen in the first division. In the first half of this season, he played in 19 games and had an ERA of 6.92.

Kim Dae-yu, who had no injuries and was sluggish for no particular reason, showed a revival in the second half. In August, he had three holds, one save and a 0.93 ERA in 12 Futures League games.

Kim Dae-yu was listed on the first team squad expansion entry on Sept. 1 and made it back to the first team in three months.

Fans remember how he played as the strongest bullpen pitcher with a 2.13 ERA in 64 games in the 2021 season and a 2.27 ERA in 59 games in the 2022 season when he was LG.

The 32-year-old veteran pitcher is regaining his old form. Kim Dae-yu, who returned to the first team for the first time in a long time, looked brighter. 토토

KIA has many young and promising left-handed pitchers. However, the veteran’s experience in the big game is more important than anything else. A veteran left-handed pitcher with autumn baseball experience is finally back.

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