The Gambling Expansion in West Memphis

Southland Greyhound Park once drew more than 20,000 people, but now because of competition with Tunica Casino, park officials are trying to bring customers back with the determination to add an expanded gambling experience. “It’s just an extension of the game that already exists, and you’re going to get a new job through a new game,” said Robert McLarty, Jobs’ West Memphis campaign director. Ron Kirkland, pastor of First Baptist Church in West Memphis, said, “The video-type games they suggest we do in Southland are the most addictive forms of gambling.” Early voting on a resolution to introduce an additional 500 to 1,000 skilled video game terminals at Southland Greyhound Park began Monday. The park already has 80 handsets. 안전 토토사이트

McLarty said, “This election is about jobs bringing more good jobs to West Memphis.” “Gaming is the most addictive activity one can do,” Kirkland said. Both sides believe the election results will have a dramatic impact on the local economy. “Tunica is taking a toll economically, which will help with further revenue and additional job creation,” McLarty said. “We can chart the growth of Crittenden County and show how the county’s economic development didn’t rise when the dog-only track arrived,” Kirkland said. If the resolution is passed, Jobs believes it could bring more than 400 news jobs to West Memphis, but opponents believe that negative opinion far outnumber positive opinion. “There will be people who will lose their jobs because of this vote, and there will be people whose families will be disbanded as a result of this vote,” Kirkland said. If the resolution is passed, many local churches think it could only be a harbinger of more gambling in the region. “That objective is just the next step to gambling casinos in Crittenden County,” Kirkland said. Officials in Jabs, West Memphis, believe that less than a week after they cast their ballots, more than 1,000 people are already out to vote on the issue. But with more than a week to go before the vote, the issue remains unresolved.

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