The coach of the opposing team, who welcomed both the “19th-year veteran” player and the “foreign” player in the V League

OK Financial Group Coach Welcoming by KEPCO Players 파친코

Park Chul-woo (38), a 38-year-old member of KEPCO, is in his 19th year of playing for Hyundai Capital in 2004 and is an original member of the V League in 2005. He is one of the best players in the V League and is a living legend in the men’s team in the V League who has signed five FA contracts.

Before the game, he ran to the opponent’s coach and greeted him warmly. Not only Park Chul-woo but also Tyce, a foreign player, ran and greeted him. Who on earth was it that he was so happy to see.

The coach Park Chul-woo and Tyce greeted warmly was Hwang Dong-il (37), coach of OK Financial Group. Coach Hwang Dong-il, who retired after last season, debuted as the fourth-ranked professional in the first round of the 2008 rookie draft and was a setter who won the rookie award in the 2008-09 season. He is close to KEPCO players because he played as a key setter for KEPCO before being traded to OK Financial Group last year. Since his position during his active career is setter, he is especially close to strikers. So, Park Chul-woo and Tyce greeted coach Hwang Dong-il with joy.

Although they are now playing for different teams, they talked for a long time asking how they were doing.

Meanwhile, coach Hwang Dong-il is a journeyman representing the V League. During his 15-year professional career, he wore the uniform of seven V League clubs. After starting his career with Woori Capital (currently Woori Card), he played for LIG Insurance (currently KB Insurance), Korean Air, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Hyundai Capital, KEPCO, and OK Financial Group, leaving behind 731 points in 399 games in the V League and an average of 6.281 sets per set.

Currently, he joined OK Financial Group’s Ogino massage team and began his “second volleyball life” by coaching players. He is a setter coach through numerous experiences and knowledge gained while playing for all teams during his active career. He is coach Hwang Dong-il, who took his first step as a leader in OK Financial Group, his seventh and last team.

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