Representatives from the gaming and sports betting industries met for the seventh round of gaming-related federal parliament in Berlin.

After several experts had already taken the floor at the event, industry representatives bought shares and explained what they expected about gambling regulations.

Earlier, Rhineland-Paltz’s interior minister, Nicole Steingas, announced the goals of the National Treaty on Games and the tasks of the new Joint National Games Committee (GGL).

In recent years, many illegal providers have settled on the Internet, Steingas says. The controlled opening of the market and the controlled design with no quantitative restrictions on providers are aimed at countering these developments, Steingas said.

At the same time, the illegal market should be pushed back. This should be done by blocking IP and banning financial transactions. The fight against illegal gambling is dedicated to a separate division of the Federal Government Joint Game Authority (GGL).

What do industry representatives expect from gambling regulations? 온라인경마

Mathias Dams, president of the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV), explained how he thought gambling restrictions should continue. For a number of reasons, DSWV believes that evaluation of GlustV is urgent.

GlüStV contains many new regulatory instruments. But no one knows what effect this means will have yet. In addition, DSWV considers regulation excessive in many places. This raises the question of the extent to which these measures are appropriate to achieve their objectives.

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