Park Se-woong’s success or failure in international competitions is the team atmosphere

Park Se-woong said, “The most important thing is the fight for the atmosphere. The outcome of the game will depend on how good the atmosphere goes. Of course, the atmosphere can be good whenever you are winning. It would be best if there were no bad situations, but even in such a situation, I think it will be most important to raise and maintain the atmosphere.”

The national team has young players such as Kim Hyung-joon and Kim Dong-heon. Working with them is also an important part. Park Se-woong also considers this important. “It is natural that the pitcher and catcher are important, and they exert more power in international competitions. Park Se-woong said, “There is not much time left until I leave the country, but I think it will be most important to have a lot of conversations.” 스포츠토토

As expected, Taiwan is the No. 1 target for the national team. Taiwan does not send out the best legions, but it is never an easy opponent as there are a large number of minor leaguers and Japanese professional baseball players.

“We are also focusing on Taiwan in the analysis of power,” Park Se-woong said. “Most of the right-handed hitters seem to have many powerful batters, and left-handed hitters seem to have many fast-footed and running types.” In the KBO league, he has faced many left-handed hitters who shake pitchers. “Even if a runner goes out, the catcher’s ability to check is good, so it is most important to throw the best against the batter.”

Park Se-woong explains that there is no problem with his current condition. Park Se-woong said, “I think I’m in good shape after playing in the regular season. There are no injuries. “I joined the national team and pitched for the first time, and I think I have a good pace, so I’m thinking positively.”

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