“No. 1 Tottenham without me.” How does Kane feel? “I only want Tottenham to win”

Tottenham leads the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season. Although it is the beginning of the season with only eight games played since the opening, Tottenham’s victory over Arsenal and Manchester City at the top of the rankings is a better-than-expected start.

Tottenham have not lost a game since opening, with six wins and two draws in the current league. Last weekend, he faced a crisis with Yves Bissouma’s exit for Luton Town, but he kept a one-goal lead and brought three points. 안전놀이터

He began to pick Tottenham as the favorite to overcome the crisis in succession. British public broadcaster “BBC” said, “Tottenham emerged as the favorite in eight games after coach Andrze Postecoglou was appointed. Now, we are a team that will compete for the top.”

Tottenham made a major change ahead of this season. He changed his color by appointing Postecoglou, who led Celtic to a domestic treble. Fortunately, it became a good fit. BBC also said, “Coach Postecoglou made the experts who asked the question mark disappear.” Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho are leading well in a style that is contrary to his time as coach.”

Another reason for the great concern is Kane’s absence. Kane was the best striker in charge of scoring for Tottenham. Tottenham alone played 430 games and scored 278 goals. He was the team’s most prolific scorer and deserved to score the most goals in the Premier League.

But Kane wanted to win more. He headed to Bayern Munich last summer to fulfill his dream of winning a championship that he had never achieved while playing for Tottenham. The transfer fee totaled 120 million pounds (about 198 billion won). Bayern Munich is the team that controls the German Bundesliga, so the championship cup follows.

Kane’s start at Bayern Munich is not bad. He is second in scoring by scoring eight goals in the league. Bayern Munich are also undefeated in seven league games. However, unlike Tottenham, which is the leader, Bayern Munich is passing through the early part of the season in third place.

As he transferred, he may regret seeing Tottenham take the lead. Kane, however, did not spare his support. Kane said through the Daily Mirror, “It’s good to see Tottenham take the lead,” adding, “I’m always watching Tottenham and the Premier League.” There is still a long way to go, but as coach Postecoglou said, there is no reason for fans not to enjoy the situation. I hope it will continue,” he supported.

Kane’s view is that he can win. “I always said I was a Tottenham fan. “I want to see Tottenham do well,” he said, “There is no team that wants to see Tottenham win as much as Tottenham.”

It’s fun to see Tottenham do well, but Kane’s job is now to play for Bayern Munich. Kane also said, “I know there will be a lot of questions for me when Tottenham is good. I hope they do well, he said. “But my main interest is to work hard at Bayern Munich, where I am now.”

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