Mbappe says ‘no’ to disabled fan’s “Come to Arsenal!”

“It’s too cold there” → off to warm Spain

France worldwide Kylian Mbappe, a Real Madrid transfer target, was recently approached by a young fan to come to Arsenal, but he flatly refused.

Mikey Pouli, a blind soccer player, posted a video on social media on Saturday (Aug. 16) in which he said he met Mbappe and asked him to come to Arsenal.

Born in 2010, Powley became blind at the age of seven due to a rare disease in his eyes. He is a blind soccer player who currently trains in England. He is a huge Arsenal fan, stating on his profile that he is an Arsenal fan.

It’s unclear when Powley met Mbappe, but it appears to have been after a PSG home game. He met Mbappe and said, “Come to Arsenal”. Mbappe was stunned and exclaimed, “Arsenal?” before shaking his head and laughing.

Powley asked him one more time to come to Arsenal, saying, “We’ll take care of you,” but Mbappe refused, saying, “No way, no way.” “It’s too cold there,” he said, once again signaling his rejection.

It’s not that Mbappe hasn’t been linked with Premier League teams in the past. He has been linked with Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and more.

There were even reports last December.

“Mbappe has reportedly made up his mind between Arsenal and Liverpool,” the UK’s Sporting Bible said on December 1, “Real Madrid were the frontrunners to sign him, but Arsenal and Liverpool have emerged as the real contenders. Mbappe’s favorite team will be Arsenal.”

“Mbappe is interested in Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s project in north London,” he said, adding that “Arsenal have already succeeded in signing Declan Rice from West Ham last summer,” and that the Gunners are looking to woo Mbappe in the same way they did Rice.

Mbappe, however, has his heart set on Real.

Joaquin Maroto, a journalist for Spanish media outlet AS, told a program on March 12 that Mbappe will wear the number nine shirt.

“Mbappe wants to join Real Madrid before the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024,” Maroto said, adding, “He wants to play both the Euros and the Olympics in a calm manner, without the press conferences turning into talk about his future.”

The three-year saga of Mbappe’s transfer to Real is entering its final stages. Two years ago, PSG re-signed Mbappe, but it turned out to be a 2+1 year deal, and after Mbappe refused to extend his contract last year, his stay in Paris will come to an end this summer.

Mbappe has been free to negotiate with other clubs since the January transfer window was opened by Bosman Rule, and Real have been in contact with him again.

“Kylian Mbappe will sign a five-year contract with Real Madrid, earning €15 million a year in salary and a signing bonus of €150 million over five years,” the British public broadcaster reported on Jan. 21 (KST).

“Mbappe has signed a five-year contract with Real Madrid that will see him earn €15 million a year in salary and a signing bonus of €150 million over five years, and he will also retain a percentage of his likeness rights,” the report said.

Spain’s AS revealed the percentage of likeness rights that players share with their clubs from advertising and other revenue, and Mbappe has been speculated to sign an 8-2 deal, which is unprecedented in Real’s history.


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