‘Little Giant’ Kim Ga-hee of Chuncheon Girls’ High School “Speed despite her short stature”

“I’m not tall enough to play inside, but I try to make up for it with my speed”

The 2024 Korea High School Basketball Weekend League kicked off on Friday with the qualifiers for each region. While the tournament is in full swing in regions other than Honam and Gyeongsangbuk-do, the girls’ middle school and high school teams will begin in earnest in July.

Chuncheon Women’s High School, which reached the semifinals of the 61st Spring National Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Federation Championship in Haenam in March and the finals of the 49th National Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Glory Tournament in April, 토토 is also sweating hard every day in preparation for the weekend league.

Sophomore Kim Ga-hee (160 cm, G) is no different. “In the first tournament, we didn’t play well together. I was very disappointed because I didn’t do what the coach wanted me to do. In preparation for the second tournament, she told us a lot about what we lacked, and we worked on that and coordinated (hand and foot) more,” Kim said, reflecting on the past two tournaments.

When asked about the team atmosphere, she said, “It’s good. My sister (Choi Ye-seul), who is in third grade, is going to the U18 national team and will come in July. We’re not a complete team, but when she’s out, the sophomore tries to take the lead and lead the team.”

Chuncheon Girls’ High School coach Kim Young-min said of Kim, “She’s short, but she loves basketball so much. Even though she knows she has a problem (with her height), she plays basketball like crazy and is a great help to the team. Especially her three-point shot and one-on-one defense. He lacks confidence, so if he can improve that, he’ll be a better player. She can make up for her height disadvantage.”

Kim Ga-hee nodded her head in agreement and said, “I’m working on improving the areas I lack through individual practice. In terms of the team, I’m practicing what I can’t do in practice. Because I’m short, I sometimes get beaten from the inside, but I try to make up for it with my speed.”

Kim cites her shooting as one of her strengths. “I’m trying to improve my one-on-one breakaway and passing ability,” she said, emphasizing that she wants to continue to get better than before. “I’m going to try to do what we’ve been practicing in the team on the court.”

“My goal for the weekend league is to win a prize. I know I’m not a great player, but I will do my best every moment and work hard consistently so that I can be an essential part of the team,” Kim concluded.

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