Lee Ki-heung, chairman of the Korea Sports Council, said, “From next year, we will train the Marine Corps before entering the athletes’ village.”

The Korea Sports Council held a press conference on the settlement of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games at the Grand New Century Hotel Boao Hangzhou in Hangzhou, China, on the 8th. Lee Ki-heung, chairman of the Korea Sports Council, Choi Yoon, head of the Korean team, and Jang Jae-geun, head of Jincheon National Training Center, attended to talk about the overall review of the Asian Games and plans for the future of the Korean sports community.

In particular, Chairman Lee Ki-heung said at the end of the press conference, “From next year, national team players will receive Marine Corps training before entering Jincheon Athletes’ Village.” I will receive it myself,” he declared, making the hall tremble.

Choi, who spoke first at the conference, said, “I tried to see non-recognition events, but it was too far away to see them in person. E-sports is not rain, but I saw and felt it in person. I don’t think I can tell the children not to play games, he said. “There are too many things to tell you one by one, but I’m grateful.” 토토사이트

Choi also said, “Japan succeeded in the Tokyo Olympics and was preparing for the Paris Olympics rather than the Asian Games.” Rather than being complacent, I think I prepared it comfortably. “We were based on that because we stood up and set a policy to prepare for the Olympics based on the Asian Games after overcoming poor performances at the Jakarta-Palembang Games,” he analyzed why Japan was sluggish more than expected.

“Compared to China’s big run, Japan has slowed down in many events. He was caught by India and Uzbekistan and saw a reflective profit margin. “If there is a difference in about 10 things we talked about before going, I thought it was possible in Paris, but it seems to be a possibility,” he said. “Japan will prepare for the Paris Olympics as a big counterattack.” It will strategically approach the number of Olympic medals internally prepared through concentration and selection. If that’s right, I think I’ll get that much performance in Paris. Japan has not weakened. I think we’re preparing for Paris from now on,” he added.

“I think I was too complacent,” Jang said, adding, “Wrestling, boxing, and speculative sports, which have traditionally been strong, were low. Taekwondo and judo were the same. You have to decide how to set the direction. They performed in e-sports, breaking, skateboarding, and other sports played by young athletes. It is necessary to prepare from a long-term and mid-term perspective and consider how to do it overseas, how to train, and whether the collective method is effective,” he reflected.

“In the short term, we will cope with the Paris Olympics next year and take mid-term measures,” he said. “It is clear that it is changing. “I’ve participated in seven Olympics and four Asian Games, and if I settle down here now, it will be difficult to recover in the future,” he added.

Chairman Lee said, “Players these days try not to exercise their physical strength. That’s the reality. It can’t be forced to. If it intensified a little more, the human rights story came out and the environment has changed. It doesn’t work the way it used to. It’s going mental sports. We need to consider this,” he said, analyzing that the trend is shifting from physical sports to mental sports.

There is also a problem with the supply and demand of players. It has to grow through grassroots national sports in cities, counties, and districts, but there are no players and no teams. We need to think about how to control this, he said. “We need to investigate how to solve the flow comprehensively in the short term, medium and long term.” Until now, I have been doing it like a frog in a well, waking up early in the morning and exercising. I plan to take a scientific approach and create a new way. We will go through it together,” he said, predicting that the sports community will also need a new approach.

Chairman Lee said, “The Paris Olympics are really just around the corner. Since it is July and August, it is December after the National Sports Festival. Even if you set a goal from then on, you have only eight or seven months. When I go to Korea, I will reinforce this area and come up with measures to establish strategies. The head of the squad will also be appointed around mid-January. “Since it doesn’t take long, we will appoint a general manager in advance to conduct a field investigation quickly,” he explained.

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