Lee Kang-in, “Rumor of romantic relationship with Lee Na-eun,” re-examines Lee Sang-hyung, “Love rather than money and fame.”

Amid rumors of Lee Kang-in’s romantic relationship with Lee Na-eun, a former member of the group April, the ideal type that Lee Kang-in himself revealed is being re-examined. Lee Kang-in appeared in a video titled “No 170cm! Kangin’s profile Oh Jang in Suwon KT Wiz Park” written by Hyung-joon and Baekho on the “KT wiz-TV” YouTube channel in July last year.

The video shows baseball players Kang Baek-ho and So Hyung-joon writing his profile with Lee Kang-in. So Hyung-joon and Kang Baek-ho were trying to write their profiles when they asked about their ideal type. In response, Lee Kang-in smiled honestly, saying, “Good, pretty, and a good fit for me.” 바카라

In addition, Lee Kang-in responded without hesitation even though he was embarrassed by saying “love” when asked to choose between “money, honor, and love.”
Meanwhile, media outlet The Fact reported that Lee Na-eun visited Lee Kang-in’s national team accommodation and continued dating Lee Kang-in in a car and at home.

The media also reported that they met at Lee Na-eun’s home before and after the second Asian qualifying match for the 2026 North-Central America World Cup last November. However, Lee’s agency Namu Actors denied the rumors, saying they were “friends” with sportsmen.

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