“Just go Major League” Lotte fans are angry…Glass-bodied monster pitcher disallowed posting

Japanese monster pitcher Roki Sasaki who throws fastballs with speeds of up to 165 kilometers is out due to injury again. Both fans and the media are still cold-hearted. The Chiba Lotte Marines removed Sasaki from its roster on Thursday last week. “We confirmed that his upper extremities were not in perfect condition during the conditioning exercise after participating in the competition, and we removed him from the overall judgment,” the team said.

It is another injury. After pitching well against the Softbank Hawks on May 24, Sasaki was removed from the roster on May 28, citing a delay in recovering from fatigue in his upper body. He returned to the game against the Hiroshima Toyokaf on June 8 and won his fifth game of the season by allowing one run in six innings, but he felt fatigue in the same area ahead of his upcoming game against the Chunichi Dragons on June 15. Sasaki had been training according to his routine, playing catch balls before starting until May 12.

Manager Yoshii Masato of Chiba Lotte said, “I have the same symptoms as last time. I canceled it because I said I would not be able to recover on Wednesday. I cannot say when I will come back. I will make the decision after I have a full recovery.” This means that Sasaki will be able to re-register on Tuesday, but only when he makes a full recovery until then will he return to the team. 토토사이트 순위

He is the fastest pitcher in Japanese pro baseball, throwing up to 165 kilometers. Sasaki is already the pitcher coveted by the Major League. He also recorded perfect games in 2022. However, he has never played the required number of innings since his professional debut in 2020. 129 ⅓ innings in 2022 is the most. Last year, he pitched less than 100 innings (91 innings). It may be because of his fastball aftermath, but injuries, both big and small, have always followed him.

Lotte has cherished Sasaki, which was considered the best prospect ever, since high school. Sasaki was a special treatment. However, it is true that the performance fell short of expectations. After the end of the last season, Sasaki made noise over posting in the Major League and decided to renew his commitment this season, but if it remains this way, whether his challenge to the Major League will be meaningful.

The president of the Chiba Lotte club said earlier this year, “If a player who has performed well enough wants to go overseas, we will approve the posting on a grand scale.” Although he did not clearly refer to Sasaki, it was an indirect message that he would be able to challenge posting after the season.

However, it will not be easy for him, either, if he is injured again like now. In response to a report by Japanese sports media, which reported Sasaki’s injury, one Lotte fan said, “If you are a fan of Lotte but still insist that you want to go to the Major League next year, let them go. And have a hard time. Lotte has to find a way to win the championship without Rocky. No matter how high the potential is, there is no need to match the players that the team does not throw when they need it, and who will disappear at any time.” This article was supported by 13,000 people.

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