Jeonggwanjang is becoming a point vending machine, when will I shake off my fear

Pepper Savings Bank, led by coach Joe Trinzee, has had no single win since its foundation in 2021. It is the Red Sparks of Jeonggwanjang. They met 14 times and lost all 14 times before the home game on August 8. Including the Cup, they lost 16 games out of 16. However, winning is not the issue. Winning points is not the only issue. Winning points in 14 games is not easy. The only game that earned a point in the 2022-23 season is a showdown in the first round. Pepper Savings Bank has earned just one point out of 42 maximum points. Ahead of his third showdown of this season with Chung on Friday, Trinzie said, “I once again conveyed what I always talk about to the players. The past is the past, and the future is uncertain. Let’s not worry about the previous results and focus on the immediate one point and one point.” “The Pepper Savings Bank match is always burdensome. I have a strong belief that I should not lose,” said Ko Hee-jin, head of the Chungcheong Provincial Office.

In the beginning of the first set, the flow led 6-2. However, Pepper Savings Bank’s chronic weaknesses and consecutive losses caused the bank to collapse. It allowed five consecutive runs, starting with an error at 11-8, and ending with an error, giving up the initiative to Chung Kwan-gwan. In addition, Chung succeeded in reversing the game 15-14 due to the opponent’s consecutive errors, but lost the initiative by allowing back-to-back runs by Megawatti Puttiwi and Giovanni Milana. Yasmeen Vedart fought hard, but it was painful for Park Chung-ah to remain silent with one point. The same was true in the second set. The number of runs increased one by one while taking a tight flow at the beginning. Even Park Jung-ah felt shoulder pain and was replaced. A crisis could have come, but Pepper Savings Bank turned the crisis into an opportunity. It tied the game at 10-16 with three consecutive points and four consecutive points at 14-18. Dr. Wang’s serve shook the receiving line of Jeonggwanjang. It was not the end. Mega’s consecutive unforced errors at 18-18 made the upset. Park Eun-seo, who came in as a substitute and made consecutive mistakes, brought the second set.

The flow continued through the second set. In the third set, Pepper Savings Bank’s teamwork collapsed. He completely failed at Yeom Hye-sun’s serve, which started from 0 to 0. Due to his shaky reception, his offense couldn’t have gone well, and he gave up a chance to counterattack to the opponent or was blocked by blockers. Yasmin was the only one playing his role. At one point in the third set, the score widened to 17-7, and ten to none at the same time. Park Eun-seo, Lee Han-bi, and Yasmin scored in succession at the end of the set, but it was too much to reverse the gap in scores that widened in the beginning. In the third set alone, he dedicated 19 points to Mega, Jia, and Jung Ho-young. He did his best in the fourth set, but only to lose. Pepper Savings Bank ended up losing to Jeonggwanjang with a set score of 1-3 and ended up losing for seven consecutive games. Jeonggwanjang also promised to win for the first time in his team. He is still the lowest ranking with six points.

Yasmin scored 21 points, Lee Han-bi scored 11 points, Park Eun-seo, who came in instead of Park Jung-ah, scored nine points, MJ Phillips scored eight points, and Ha Hye-jin scored seven points, but Park Chung-ah, who was absent due to shoulder pain in the early second set, was clearly absent. It remained at two points, 33 percent of the attack success rate, and 9 percent of the receiving efficiency, but Park Jung-ah was on the court and there was no difference. In addition, Jung Ho-yeong, the opponent team’s middle blocker, blocked five attacks at every critical moment, displaying inferiority in blocking 8-11. He was inferior in all indicators, including serve 3-4, error margin 20-10, attack success rate 40 percent-45.26% and reception efficiency 20.88 percent-34.72 percent. 온라인카지노

“There were some good parts, but it was a game where we needed to do better,” Trinzee said. “I don’t know exactly how Park Jung-ah is, but it wasn’t good. Actually, I could have run if told to run, but I decided not to run because I thought it would put a strain on my shoulder when I attacked or defended.” He is likely to win but is losing. Chung has 44 points including the same day when he met with Pepper Savings Bank. Pepper Savings Bank is becoming a vending machine for Chung’s points. Will he win the next match? The fourth round match will take place at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon.

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