Italian media “Top prospects, Lee Da-young can’t beat”

As Lee Da-young (27, Lecane) won the competition with the next-generation setter, a volleyball powerhouse, Italy is also paying attention to the world’s best club stage.

“Ema Malinov (21), one of the most potential setters in Europe, returned to Soberato from LeCane, the defending champion of the French first division,” Italian volleyball media Palabolo Online reported on January 3 (Korea Standard Time).

Emma Malinov is the daughter of manager Atanas Malinov (67), who led Bergamo (Italy) to the 1996-97 European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Women’s Champions League. Soberato is the 2023-24 Italian Serie A2 (second division).

“Even after Victoria Kovjar (20, Russia) left, Emma Malinov’s short French experience ended because Lee Da-young barely secured LeCane’s position,” Palabolo Online said, lamenting the frustration of the Italian volleyball prospect.

Victoria Kovzar is the next world class setter who was selected as the best seven in a row in the preliminary round of the 2020 Eastern European Volleyball Association (EEVZA) U-17 Championship and the 2021 Fédération International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) U-19 World Championship. 파친코

However, LeCane terminated his contract with Viktorija Kovzar after seven matches this season by mutual agreement. The move came after Lee Da-young secured the No. 1 setter position by displaying good playmaking to help wing spiker Viktorija Rousseau (25) of Russia win the award of the 2023 French Volleyball Federation Super Cup.

Emma Malinov is the younger brother of Ophelia Malinov (28, Kieri), who was selected as the best setter for her contribution to the second place in Italy at the 18th International Volleyball Federation World Women’s Championship in 2018, drawing more attention for her growth potential.

Russia boasts four gold medals in women’s volleyball at the Olympics, including the days of the former Soviet Union. Italy has won gold, silver and bronze medals at the World Championships since 2002. These two promising setter players were effectively released after losing out to Lee Da-young in the 2023-24 LeCane competition.

Italy ranks first in the European league, while Russia ranks third. Lee Da-young’s international status, which ousted Viktorija Kovjar and Emma Malinov, is also naturally rising.

Victorious Kovzar, who left LeCane, signed a contract with Serie A1 Vallepolia on Dec. 8, 2023. Lee Da-young’s performance this season is reasonable to say that he is as good as Italy’s top-tier league.

With three wins and one loss, LeCane is ranking No. 1 in Group E of the UEFA Women’s Champions League finals of 2023-24. If she maintains her lead in the remaining two group matches, she will go straight to the quarterfinals.

Lee Da-young won the official MVP of the European Volleyball Federation for contributing to a 3-2 come-from-behind victory with a 19.0% (20/105) share of home games in the third Group E of the Champions League against Wux Uchi of Poland.

Wux Uchi is the winner of last season’s Polish Women’s Volleyball League, which ranks fourth in Europe. Lee Da-young impressed LeCane regardless of defense and attack by blocking twice and serving aces twice.

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