In fact, it was like this, Lee Kang-in asks Klinsman, “Can I run for Trope de Champion?”

PSG will face Toulouse at the 2023 Trope de Champion (French Super Cup) at 4:45 a.m. on the 4th (Korean time) in Paris, France. The Trope de Champaign is a super cup hosted by the French Football Federation and is a match between the champions of the French Ligue 1 team and the Coupe de France. The most winning team is PSG, which has 11 wins. PSG, which won the Coupe de France championship last season, will play Toulouse, the champion of the Coupe de France. 온라인카지노

It was unclear whether Lee will play in the upcoming Asian Cup match. The Korea Football Association (KFA) officially announced on the 29th that most of the players, including Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), except Lee Kang-in (PSG), will leave his team for Abu Dhabi on Jan. 2 next year in line with the rules for call-up. Lee will join the team immediately after his team plays in the Super Cup.

Lee Kang-in’s request was reported. France’s Le Parisien reported on the 31st of last month that “Lee Kang-in can play in the final against Toulouse. He conveyed his desire to participate in the match against Toulouse to the Korea Football Association (KFA).”

It is highly likely that Lee Kang-in’s decision to join the team was influenced by Klinsman rather than KFA. After hearing Lee Kang-in’s request, Klinsman allowed him to join the team after the match against Toulouse. The media also said, “As the agreement was reached, Lee Kang-in became the only overseas player who did not join on time. Lee Kang-in will leave the country to join the national team immediately after the match against Toulouse.”

PSG also worked hard to slow down Lee Kang-in’s transfer. French media RMC Sports explained, “PSG worked hard to secure Lee Kang-in’s participation in the Trope des Champaign.” Le Parisien also said, “After Lee Kang-in officially put his name on the transfer list, numerous discussions took place. PSG said it had achieved meaningful results by ensuring Lee Kang-in’s participation through a meeting four days ago.”

Meanwhile, at the time of the announcement of the list on the 28th, Klinsmann said, “I’m looking forward to the tournament. I’ve said this for months, but the goal is clear. The players are also working really hard and I can feel it when I look at their eyes. As I’ve said every time, my goal is to get good results and give them as gifts.”

“A special player has also appeared. The player I want to say the most is Lee Kang-in. He has such a special talent. He moved from Mallorca to Paris Saint-Germain and has improved a lot as he played longer,” he said.

From Lee’s point of view, he has caught both rabbits. As his joining time has been delayed, he will be able to participate in the final against Toulouse. It is also a positive development for Luis Enrique. RMC Sports reported that Enrique hopes to display all of his strength in the game against Toulouse. Therefore, it is a great advantage that Lee Kang-in, who acts as a lubricant for the team’s offense, can play.

Lee Kang-in is an indispensable resource for Luis Enrique tactics. The advantage of Lee Kang-in is that he can play not only left and right wing forwards but also central midfielders. Manager Enrique used Lee Kang-in as a left midfielder. As Lee Kang-in covered both the left center and the side, Kylian Mbappe was given more freedom. Mbappe created a structure to focus on scoring by moving between the left side and the front line.

He played in 15 matches in all of the first half of the season. Lee Kang-in started to be appointed from October due to injury in the early days of the season and his transfer to the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. He scored his debut goal in a UEFA Champions League showdown with AC Milan and secured his first attacking point in the league against Brestua. He made his debut goal in the league against Montpellier. He also accumulated one assist in the match against FC Mets, the last game in the first half, and ended the first half with two goals and two assists.

Lee Kang-in confidently ranked among the Ligue 1 best eleven players. Lee Kang-in was selected as the left wing forward with a 7.17 rating. The official Ligue 1 website also said, “Lee Kang-in was the core of the team. He played as a side midfielder and a center midfielder this season.”

Meanwhile, the team will have an official warm-up match there on January 6. It will face Iraq. The team will enter Qatar on January 10 after the domestic and UAE training sessions. The team will kick off with Bahrain on January 15, and will face Jordan on January 20 and Malaysia on January 25. If Korea advances to the finals, it will have to play with the national team until February 12.

If Korea advances to the finals, there is a possibility that Lee will not be able to play in up to five matches. PSG will face off against Lance, Brestois, Strasbourg, and LOSC Leal in Ligue 1, including the round of 64 strongest teams in the Coupe de France on Jan. 8. If Korea advances to the finals, it will likely return to the UEFA Champions League in a showdown with Real Sociedad on Feb. 15.

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