“I’m confident in 5 consecutive fights”…I went to work at 10 o’clock and broke the limit every day. Lotte Man became a true leader in a year

He is pitching his youth this year, which is unbelievable that he was a released player. And it quickly melted in the new nest, becoming a support to rely on in the pitching staff, and becoming a central point to lead the “one team” and unite. Lotte Giants pitcher Kim Sang-soo (35) has become a player who gains everyone’s trust and is burning his fighting spirit that knows no limits.

Kim Sang-soo is showing the most outstanding performance among Lotte’s numerous recruits this year. Although he has the title of the first 40-hold pitcher in the KBO, he has not been in a good mood recently and was released from SSG last year. But it was revived this year. He is recording a 3.11 ERA (16 earned runs in 46⅓ innings) in 60 games with 4 wins, 1 loss, and 1 save. Koo Seung-min, Choi Joon-yong, and Kim Won-joong were the saviors who relieved the burden of the existing Pilseungjo. Since July, he has been struggling with a 0.90 ERA (2 earned runs in 20 innings) in 25 games, one win, one loss, and eight holds. No earned runs in the last 12 games. 카지노사이트

Above all, it has become an “any call” that is always called in the team’s crisis situation. He is the oldest pitcher in the pitching group, but he doesn’t mind continuous pitching. He is making a season of fighting spirit, with four consecutive pitches this year and even one four in a row. Currently, it is 52 wins and 59 losses, falling to seventh place by 6.5 games with fifth place NC. Realistically, it is not easy to rejoin the fall baseball competition. Lotte should not hope for a miracle, but play with the eagerness to achieve it. Kim Sang-soo’s motivation is great.

After recording a 1⅓3 scoreless inning hold against Doosan Bears in Sajik on the 4th, he said in a meeting with reporters, “What I’m good at is meaningless.” Since the team is in seventh place, I’ve never thought about it personally and I think I have to win unconditionally,” he stressed, adding, “I don’t know how others will see it, but I’ve been preparing more than others since 10 a.m. and I’m strengthening my body with weights. I am confident in three consecutive pitches, four consecutive pitches, and five consecutive pitches because I try not to lose strength. “I’m confident that I won’t give the batters points even if I keep going out,” he said with great strength.

It doesn’t just express one’s will with words. He shows in person in front of his juniors, approaches them first, waits, and breathes with them in various ways. He said, “Veteran is nothing else. You have to be good at baseball. “If you play baseball well, you can set an example, and if you do well in life and everything, you see and learn,” he said. “Young players don’t listen to it just because they do it with words.” If I have to act well and show action, juniors will follow me. What we need to do is to abandon the sense of defeat and have a mindset that we can win. “I think you should be filled with anger and anger when you lose,” he raised his voice.

It has not been a season since he was released from SSG last year. However, since the spring camp, he has quickly melted into the team and has become a senior who the existing pitching team players trust, follow, and rely on. Kang Young-sik, the bullpen coach, said, “(Kim) Sang-soo is challenging and never complacent. He said, “I am a player who thinks about how I can develop further and how I can show better ball power and overcome the batter every day and shows it directly with my own actions.”

“Every life itself seems to be focused on baseball. He talks about the plan before the game and prepares himself again. He always shows this in front of his juniors. It is hoped that the culture will change as young pitchers see and copy Sang-soo. The staff also asks for a favor, he said, explaining Kim Sang-soo’s initiative. It was also a representative reason why Lotte recruited Kim Sang-soo.

Koo Seung-min (33), the pitching assistant manager, said, “Sang-soo experienced more things first in the same bullpen position. They sympathize with our hearts more emotionally and mentally. He gives advice on the situations he has experienced, saying, “There is also this way.” It is not coercive and offers alternatives, so there are things that touch me more and let me know another idea. That’s why I rely more on him,” he said, explaining Kim Sang-soo’s presence, adding, “It really gives me strength and feels like a shade to be next to him.”

The attitude of preparing for the game is also tongue-in-cheek. Koo Seung-min said, “We prepare very delicately. It’s the same for warming up and for analysis. He studies a lot, he said. “If you’re in that position, you can skip a day roughly, but there’s nothing like that. “I don’t feel complacent,” he stressed.

Kim Won-joong (30), the closer, said, “When the difficulties come, they tell us to do it like this and do it like that. That doesn’t mean you’re hasty. He said, “When you’re having a hard time next to us while waiting, or when your juniors tell us about their situation first, they seem to be very helpful,” adding, “When they really need it, they think about it a lot and tell us.”

Interactions with the youngest players are also active. Age is irrelevant. Choi Joon-yong (22) said, “He is a senior who shows through actions. Looking at the senior’s routine, I realize, “That’s how you don’t get tired even if you do full time.” He emphasized that he is a senior who informs us of such routines and exemplifies many juniors.

And it’s also refreshing my mindset. Choi Joon-yong said, “A must-win group like us tells us that we have to throw all the balls with great concentration and not easily. He said, “It’s a must-win group that you have to throw so that batters can be deceived, not catch it in sync,” so I also throw and learn carefully and concentrate these days. “That’s why I don’t think I hit a lot this year,” he explained.

He then said, “As he was originally in our team, he said a lot that we should become one team.” We have to stick together. Even if he says, “That’s how I can get good grades,” he always hosts a pitching group dinner every away game and buys me a meal, saying a lot of positive things and cheering me up. “If it weren’t for you, everyone would have been tired and spread.”

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