Igdrasil and Peter and Sons release Animafia

In collaboration with renowned iGaming developer Yggdrasil, Peter & Sons invites users to explore the hidden depths of urban zoos by presenting Animafia, a release with the latest features.

In this adventurous title, the animals embark on a bold mission to escape their enclosure, offering a fascinating prize through a variety of functions and machines.

An interesting combination of features awaits the player, including power wilds, collection features, roaming wilds, free-spin bonuses with power-ups and retrigger. Customers can get 6 to 20 free spins during the free spin function. Random features such as multipliers, arbitrary wild symbols, or additional free spins are introduced for each spin. The game also introduces power wilds during gameplay, including expanding wilds, random wilds, and monster wilds. 카지노사이트 순위

Igdrasil’s CGO, Mark McGinley, expects some feathers to shake with the release of this amazing new game. Peter & Sons once again proved their unwavering impression, giving them another title featuring stunning graphics and fascinating tools and mechanics.”

Jan Bautista, founder and commercial director of Peter and Sons, noted.­Our team is pleased to reveal what these disgruntled crew will be a wholly memorable robbery. We expect players to fully enjoy this game full of features, making the most of the free spin and power wild.

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