“I want to learn and grow a lot” Yoo Yoo-sang on making his first men’s national team

LG’s Yoo Yoo-sang, a first-time member of the men’s national basketball team, has high aspirations.

The Korean men’s national basketball team is currently training at the Sono Arena Auxiliary Gymnasium in Goyang, South Korea, ahead of two exhibition games against Japan on May 5 and 7. The squad has a number of new faces, including Lee Doo-won (KT), Park In-woong (DB), and Lee Won-seok (Samsung). Yoo Yoo-sang will also be making his first appearance on the national team and will be wearing the Korean flag.

Speaking at the Goyang Sono Arena Auxiliary Gymnasium on the 1st, Yoo Yoo-sang said, “I think it’s a new opportunity for me because the national team is made up of young players, and I’ve always wanted to experience international competitions. I’m happy to be selected for the first time, 파워볼사이트 and I want to learn a lot and grow more,” he said.

Byun Jun-hyung, born in 1996, is the most experienced member of the team. Along with Yoo, Park Mubin (Hyundai Mobis) and Moon Jung-hyun (KT) are the youngest. As they are younger, they are more determined than ever. The training atmosphere was also cheerful, and they often talked to each other and tried to keep up with each other.

“We’re young, but we’re important players on the team, so when things don’t work out, (Byun) Jun-hyung tries to find a way. I’m also learning a lot by watching from the sidelines. I think I can become a better player if I can incorporate what I’ve learned here when I return to my home team.”

Without Lagana, South Korea is expected to struggle in the height battle against Japan, which is anchored by naturalized player Josh Hawkinson (Shibuya) and NBA legend Rui Hachimura (Lakers). Outside shooting will be key to keeping the game close. That’s where Yoo Yoo-sang, a shooter, comes in.

“I think the height disadvantage is unavoidable. We have to do what we can to close the gap, like boxing out and doing basic things. If we lose under the basket, obviously we have to get outside to win. I’ll try to be more diligent and when I get a chance, I’ll make it confidently,” said Yoo.

The Korea-Japan exhibition matches will be held on May 5 and 7 at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan. Yoo will make her national team debut against Korea.

“I don’t feel as much pressure as I thought. I think we can have a good game if we play with a sense of mission as we have been doing. The Japanese players have a lot of name recognition, but we are the same age. If we lose this time, we will continue to lose in the future, so we will try to fight equally.”

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