However, he lost against Korea and failed to advance to the finals of the Championship

The Korean baseball team, led by head coach Chung In-myung, lost 2-5 to Japan in the last Super Round match of the 30th Asian Baseball Championship at Taipei Dome in Taipei, Taiwan on the 9th. Twenty-three of the 24 national team players are young players under the age of 23 and are new to the professional and amateur players, and the team sought to win the Asian Baseball Championship for the first time in eight years since 2015, but it was virtually frustrated to advance to the finals as it failed to overcome the barriers of Japanese Industrial Baseball (business baseball) players who participated in the Hangzhou Asian Games.

Japan has confirmed its advance to the finals by winning all three of the Super Round matches, and South Korea, which has one win and two losses, is likely to play the third-place match against the Philippines on the 10th. The number of cases still remains. If the Philippines wins the match between Taiwan and the Philippines, which will take place Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines will tie with one win and two losses. Korea can advance to the finals based on team quality balance indicators that the three teams will face off against, but chances are high that Taiwan, which has displayed its best performance, will win.

Korea presented its starting lineup on the day in the order of Park Joo-chan, Jung Joon-jae, Euro Gyeol, Kim Bum-seok, Na Seung-yeop, Shin Yong-seok, Kim Sung-woo, Lee Min-joon, and Jung Joon-young. The starting pitchers are left-handed Lee Byung-hun. Lee Byung-hun became a losing pitcher by allowing three hits, two walks, three strikeouts and two runs in three innings. Lee, who allowed no run through the second inning, struck out Motoki Mugoyama and caused Masahi Maruyama to ground out to first base in a crisis of runners on the first and second bases with no out and no out in three consecutive innings.

However, his fifth fastball, which he threw at the batter’s box with runners on the second and third bases with two outs, became a one-bound wild pitch. In the meantime, a runner on the third base came to the home base and allowed the first run. He walked Aizawa and allowed additional runs as Ryu Ihara made a hit to the middle of the first and third bases with two outs.

Until the third inning, Lee had only 52 pitches, but manager Chung In-myung ran the bullpen from the start of the fourth inning. However, relief pitcher Woo Kang-hoon gave a double to Onishi Ren and a walk to Namoku Hisaya, leaving the mound at a crisis of one out and one out. Left-hander Chung Hyeon-su came out, but he allowed two runs as he was hit by Yano Yukiya and Mukoyama Motoki. Chung, who garnered one out count by hitting a fly ball to the left field, then gave a walk, bringing the bases loaded with two outs, and replaced pitchers again. As Cho finished the inning with a ground ball to the shortstop, he avoided losing many games.

The Korean batter’s box, which was blocked by Japanese starter Sho Akiyama until the fourth inning, scored the first run in the fifth inning. Jung Joon-jae’s grounder to second and third with one out, which was hit by a ball hit by Lee Min-joon, Park Joo-chan’s walk, and Akiyama’s wild pitch. However, with two outs and three on, Euro Gyeol was pulled out by a catcher’s foul fly, and the inning ended without an extra point. 토토사이트 추천

Having failed to score even in the sixth and seventh innings, Korea chased after the batter with a home run in the eighth inning. With one out and no runners, Kim Bum-seok did not miss Raiku Katayama’s second high breaking ball and hit it far out of the left fence. It was his first solo shot in pursuit. It was also his first home run in this year’s event and his first home run in the opening of the Taipei Dome. Kim also hit a huge double that directly hit the center fence in the fourth inning. He had two hits and one RBI from four times at bat with a double, a home run and two long hits. He is the only multi-hit player in his team.

Korea’s fourth pitcher Cho Byung-hyun pitched well with one hit, two walks, and one strikeout in three ⅓ innings, but Shin Heon-min, who came out in the eighth inning, allowed one run after three hits. In the last attack of the ninth inning, he gave up three outs and ended up losing. Japanese starting pitcher Akiyama won the game by pitching six innings of five hits, one walk, eight strikeouts, and one run. The first batter, second baseman Yano, made Korea cry by making three hits, one RBI, and one walk from four times at bat.

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