“Have a good day, Heungmin!”Legend GK Lloris, who played 444G for Tottenham, is about to transfer to LAFC, where he played Bale

“Tottenham goalkeeper Lloris is in talks to transfer to LA FC of Major League Soccer after 11 years in North London,” British public broadcaster BBC reported on the 29th (Korea Standard Time). Lloris tried to leave Tottenham last summer. “I had a conversation with Lazio, but the deal didn’t go through. Lloris has not played since the match against Newcastle United in April.”

England’s Daily Mail also reported, “Tottenham icon Lloris is negotiating with Los Angeles (LA) FC as his 11-year contract in North London is completed. Lloris will leave Tottenham to discuss a transfer to LA FC in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLS), which is now known to be in its final stages.” 메이저 토토사이트

Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is known as a European transfer market expert, also said on his social media, “LAFC is in negotiations to recruit Lloris for Tottenham. Discussions are underway with the players, and LAFC is seriously considering it. Tottenham already gave its approval, and it is now up to Lloris.”

Lloris is a goalkeeper who will go down in Tottenham’s history. Lloris, who left Lyon for Tottenham in 2012, played as the main goalkeeper right after his transfer. His animal-like defense capability and amazing coverage gave Tottenham fans confidence. He made decisive saves in times of crisis, earning Tottenham a point. Lloris enjoyed fans’ support for his consistent play, both in good and bad times.

Despite failing to win the title at Tottenham, he played as the starting goalie for the French national team and clinched the trophy at the 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup. Despite his advanced age, Lloris was still the starting goalie. Michel Bom, Joe Hart, and Pierlouigi Gollini challenged Lloris, but all failed. Lloris, who has kept Tottenham’s goalie for more than a decade, has seen a serious impact on its aging this season. As more mistakes were made and injuries became more frequent. Even when he suffered 1-6 defeat to Newcastle, he showed lackluster performance in the first half and was humiliated by being replaced by Fraser Forster.

Lloris has disappeared since the match against Newcastle. Lloris, who sought to transfer, was not included in the pre-season list. Tottenham said Lloris was excluded from the pre-season tour list in order to seek a transfer opportunity in the future. The transfer did not go as planned. Rumors had it that Lloris would return to the French Ligue 1, play in the MLS, and join Lazio, but nothing was done.

Lloris still with Tottenham, but he has not played a single game and is not included in the list. “In the beginning, this situation could be a problem for me. It is because it is the players who do not play that are the biggest headache for most coaches. However, Lloris is very professional, and he did not change his attitude at all even if he did not play in the first team or even when he was not in the first team,” Tottenham manager Postecoglou said in complimenting Lloris for his professional attitude.

Guglielmo Vicario showed off his insane performance and established himself as the main goalkeeper, making him forget about Lloris. From an unknown player, Vicario has emerged as a Serie A-class goalkeeper in Italy. From the 2021-22 season, he played well as the starting goalkeeper for Empoli, and this season he appeared in 31 league matches, allowing only 39 goals, and was even nominated for Serie A’s goalkeeper of the year category. He is still making the roster of the Italian national team. As Lloris’ successor, he is in charge of Tottenham’s goalkeeper. The second goalkeeper was Foster.

Son also became the captain. When Son was appointed, Enze Postecoglou said, “Sonny (Son Heung-min) had excellent leadership both on and off the field and as a new captain, he is an ideal choice. We all know him as a world-class player and he is highly respected by everyone in the dressing room. Son is beyond the group. It is not just because of his popularity. He achieved it through matches.”

Son said, “I learned (about becoming captain) through the meeting. At first, I was very surprised. It was a moment of surprise and pride. I feel indescribable. It is a great honor to be captain of Tottenham. It doesn’t matter who is the captain. Of course, only one person takes the armband, but I think all players should play with responsibility. I told the team to think that they are all captains. What matters is on and off the field. I will put everything into it as I am wearing a Tottenham uniform and wearing the captain’s armband.”

“Looking back in the past, there were fantastic captains. I learned a lot. Hugo Lloris and Harry Kane are Tottenham legends. He put everything into it for the club. I learned a lot. I’m going to do that, too. As a captain, I’ll do my best as one of Tottenham.” Lloris drew attention.

Son Heung-min, who has been with Tottenham for eight years, said, “As a veteran player himself, I need to take more responsibility and lead the group with young players joining me. I am happy to become the captain. It doesn’t matter who is the captain, but what is most important is to win.” Lloris, who gave up both the main goalie and captain, is seeking to transfer with Tottenham remaining in his contract with six months left. LA FC is the club where Kim Moon-hwan played and Giorgio Chiellini and Gareth Bale played. Carlos Vela, once a Mexican striker, is also active.

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