Gwangju goalkeeper Park Jo-eun’s shot 6 seconds before the end, hit the net!…Incheon, Gwangju Draw 24-24

Gwangju goalkeeper Park Jo-eun threw a shot. He saw the goal post empty from a distance of about 30 meters. This is the spot where he threw the ball as an event during halftime. The ball appeared to be being sucked into the net while drawing a parabola. It hit the left post. It did not go into the net. The game ended. Park held onto the net and lowered his head. It was the moment when the goalkeeper buzzerbeater failed.

The match between Incheon Metropolitan Government and Gwangju City Corporation in the women’s team of the Shinhan SOL Pay 23-24 handball H-League was held at Gwangmyeong Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on Tuesday, with a draw of 24-24. The two teams repeatedly turned the tables and fought again. Had Park Jo-eun’s goal been successful, it could have ended in Gwangju’s victory. 바카라

Gwangju took the lead in the first half. Incheon scored the first goal, but Gwangju scored three goals in a row, making it 7-4. Was it because Gwangju was careless? Incheon quickly tied the game 7-7. Since then, Gwangju goalkeeper Park Jo-eun has led Gwangju 10-7 with a series of saves and successful attacks. Gwangju finished the first half with a 12-9 lead.

In the early part of the second half, Incheon gained momentum. Gwangju’s defense was at a loss. Incheon scored six goals in a row with momentum. Incheon poured in scores regardless of the center and wing. In the end, 12-15, they succeeded in reversing.

Gwangju scored its first goal 10 minutes and 50 seconds into the second half. The gap widened when Incheon was sent off for two minutes. Gwangju, which made good use of its numerical advantage, scored five goals in a row. 17-15, Gwangju made a comeback. The dominance was short-lived. Gwangju made a series of mistakes and was driven to 21-20, eventually allowing a 22-22 tie.

Incheon turned the game around 24-23 thanks to goalkeeper Lee Ga-eun’s 500 saves. Later, Gwangju made a 7M draw, ending the game tied at 24-24. Gwangju goalkeeper Park Jo-eun, who was named MVP, said, “I think I lacked a lot,” adding, “I became MVP because my team members played together, rather than me doing well.”

Gwangju led the attack with Kim Ji-hyun and Lee Ah-hyun scoring six goals each, while goalkeeper Park Jo-eun made 12 saves. For Incheon, Kang Eun-seo led the attack with five goals, Shin Eun-ju, Lee Hyo-jin and Lim Seo-young scoring four goals each, and goalkeeper Lee Ga-eun made nine saves.

Gwangju goalkeeper Park Jo-eun ranked first in ERA (41.5 percent) and second in saves (288) in the women’s league last season, making her the “Top tier” goalkeeper in this season. She blamed herself for the “buzzer beater” failure at the end of the game. “I think I lacked a lot,” Park Jo-eun, the MVP goalkeeper, said. “I became the MVP because my team members played with me, rather than me being good at it.”

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