Following Kim Ha-sung and Lee Jung-hoo, Kim Hye-sung will also challenge…”I will have a meeting with the club soon.”

In an interview with reporters after the 2023 Magumagu Real Glove Awards held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 1st, Kim Hye-sung said, “I want to improve my skills next year and challenge with pride.”

Kim Hye-sung is one of the “Preliminary Big Leaguers” selected by Kim Ha-sung, who plays for San Diego in the U.S. Major League Baseball. “I think there is a high probability that Kim Hye-sung will come to the next Major League,” he said.

Kiwoom has already produced numerous players who have advanced to the Major League. Following Kang Jung-ho and Park Byung-ho, Lee Jung-hoo will advance to the U.S. through the posting system. Lee Jung-hoo announced his intention to enter the U.S. after the end of last season and got permission from the team.

This time, it is Kim Hye-sung’s turn. Kim Hye-sung has gradually expressed his intention to advance to the Major League. This time, he even revealed a detailed plan.

Kim Hye-sung said, “I conveyed my intention (to the team). I have conveyed it only to the manager of the team, and I have yet to have a meeting with the manager Hong Won-ki and the team leader Ko Hyung-wook.” 스포츠토토

First, I plan to meet with the head coach Hong Won-ki on the 4th and have a talk with him. “At that time, I have to exchange my thoughts and the director’s thoughts well. I think I have to express my opinion well to the head of the team as well,” Kim said.

Kim participated in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, and the World Baseball Classic held in March this year, and led the team to a gold medal in the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. She recently tied for second place at the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC).

“I feel like I have a dream every time in an international competition. The KBO League is a good league, but I have a goal to play in another league,” said Kim Hye-sung, who went through a big international competition.

He cited base running as his strength. “Hitting and defense can require adaptation and can vary depending on the league, but I don’t think base running has much to do with it. My strength is that I can show off without having to adapt myself,” he said.

This is why the next season has become more important to Kim. “I want to improve my skills and do it with pride as I can’t just challenge myself with words,” Kim said.

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