Europe’s Top Forward Evidence

Spanish media Pichahes mentioned rumors of Real Madrid’s recruitment of Son Heung-min last month. The media is paying attention to Son Heung-min at a time when Real Madrid evaluates various options to strengthen the squad. Son Heung-min is under contract with Tottenham until 2025, but rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid are drawing attention. Real Madrid is interested in recruiting Son Heung-min,’ he said.

U.S. sports media Clutch Point shed light on Son Heung-min’s transfer to Real Madrid, which was mentioned by a number of European media, including Britain’s Talk Sports, on the 1st. 토토

This media outlet is a surprise choice for Real Madrid. Real Madrid chose Son Heung-min instead of Mbappe, he said. “There is an interesting twist in Real Madrid’s plan to reinforce its offense next season. Real Madrid eagerly wanted to recruit Mbappe, but Son Heung-min’s name has recently emerged as an alternative option, he mentioned.

In addition, the possibility of Mbappe extending his contract with PSG has brought uncertainty in Real Madrid’s push to recruit Mbappe. As a result, Real Madrid turned its attention to Son Heung-min. Real Madrid is interested in recruiting Son Heung-min in the transfer market next summer, he said. “The fact that Son Heung-min is drawing attention from Real Madrid is evidence that Son Heung-min is growing in reputation as the best forward in Europe. Son Heung-min is under contract with Tottenham until 2025, but his future at Tottenham is uncertain.’

The British Sports Brief said, ‘Real Madrid has lost faith in Mbappe recruitment next summer. Mbappe is considering extending his contract with PSG. Real Madrid is closely monitoring Tottenham’s Son Heung-min,’ he also mentioned.

Son Heung-min is under contract with Tottenham until 2025, and attention is being paid to whether he will renew his contract recently. The British Mirror said last month, “Son Heung-min is under contract with Tottenham until next season, but it is not expected to be a problem due to the option of extending the contract. Tottenham has the option to automatically extend their contract with Son Heung-min by one year. Tottenham also mentioned that it will invoke the clause to allow Son Heung-min to stay at the club until a week before his 34th birthday.

Son Heung-min scored the first goal in the seventh round of the 2023-24 Premier League against Liverpool on the 1st, leading Tottenham to a 2-1 victory. With Son Heung-min playing as captain this season, Tottenham continues its rise of five wins and two draws (17 points) with an unbeaten run at the beginning of the season in the Premier League.

Mbappe has been steadily attracting attention due to rumors of a transfer to Real Madrid. Mbappe, who is under contract with PSG until this season, has refused to renew his contract with PSG in the meantime. Mbappe was also classified as an off-the-shelf player, being excluded from team training even after the opening of French League 1 this season. Mbappe is the league’s leading scorer with seven goals in French Ligue 1 this season.

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