‘Epic upset’ ML wins 1-5 all eliminated

Major League Baseball’s postseason has seen an upset of epic proportions.

Major League Baseball’s postseason has seen an upset of epic proportions.

The Atlanta Braves, who led the major leagues with a 104-58 record this season, fell 1-3 to the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 4 of the National League Division Series at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on April 13. With the loss, Atlanta fell to 1-3 in the series and failed to advance to the League Championship Series.

Philadelphia entered the postseason as the No. 1 National League wild card with a 90-72 record this season. After defeating National League Wild Card #2 Miami (84-78) in two games in the Wild Card Series, the Phillies made waves in the Division Series by sinking the giant ship Atlanta. Philadelphia (87-75) also swept Atlanta (101-61) in the Division Series last season, three games to one. This is the first time in Major League Baseball history that the Phillies have defeated a team with 10 or more more regular-season wins in the postseason for the second straight year. For the second straight year, the Phillies won 14 fewer games than Atlanta, but turned the tables in the postseason.

Atlanta’s exit came as a shock to many baseball fans, as the team with the best winning percentage in the majors, Baltimore (101-61) and the Dodgers (100-62), the two teams with the most wins in the American League this season, were both eliminated without a single postseason win. After winning a combined 305 games in the regular season, Atlanta, Baltimore, and the Dodgers are just 1-9 in the postseason.

Baltimore had the most wins in the American League, but was swept in the wild-card series by Texas (90-72), which came in after a two-game sweep of Tampa Bay (99 wins), the second-best team in the American League in wins. They finished fall baseball without a single win.

The Dodgers also failed to win a single game against Arizona (84-78), who entered the postseason in the third wild-card spot despite finishing with the second-best winning percentage in the National League. Arizona swept Central Division winner Milwaukee (92-70) in two games in the Wild Card Series and took the Dodgers three games in the Division Series. 먹튀검증토토사이트 The winning percentage difference between the Dodgers (.617) and Arizona (.519) was 9.8 runs, the sixth-worst postseason upset in Major League Baseball history.

With Atlanta, Baltimore, the Dodgers, Tampa Bay, and Milwaukee all eliminated in the first round, the first through fifth-ranked teams in the majors in winning percentage all failed to advance to the league championship series. Texas and Houston (90 wins and 72 losses) in the American League and Philadelphia and Arizona in the National League advanced to the League Championship Series, marking the first time since the League Championship Series was introduced in 1969 that no team has won 91 or more games. In 1981 and 2020, no team reached the League Championship Series with 91 or more wins, as 1981 was a shortened season due to the players’ union strike and 2020 was a shortened season due to COVID-19. Both seasons had teams with 91 or more wins based on 162 games played.

The four upset teams will resume their quest for a World Series championship, beginning with the American League Championship Series between Houston and Texas on Saturday and the National League Championship Series between Philadelphia and Arizona on Sunday. Houston is seeking its second straight World Series title, while Texas is looking to win its first in franchise history. The Phillies are looking for their first championship in 15 years since winning the 2008 title, while the A’s are looking for their first in 22 years since 2001.

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