Danish gambling authorities expect to block illegal websites twice a year for the first time

The Copenhagen City Court ruled in favor of the Danish Gambling Authority in all 49 cases notified. Since 2012, when Denmark’s gambling market was partially liberalized, the Danish Gambling Agency has blocked illegal websites that offer gambling to Danes, including betting and online casinos, without a license. A total of 276 illegal sites have been blocked since 2012.

“It is very important to ensure that the Danes are not exposed to gambling illegally offered in Denmark, and above all, it is not complying with the consumer protection requirements laid down in the gambling laws. At the same time, we must ensure that licensed gambling operators to provide gambling in Denmark operate in the Danish market without unfair competition with providers who do not have to meet Denmark’s requirements,” says Anders Dope, director of the Danish Gambling Administration.

Danish gambling authorities expect to block illegal websites twice a year for the first time. Previously, blocking occurred every year. 파칭코

“We continue to work to optimize our efforts against illegal gambling, and above all, one of our latest plans is to block illegal websites more often than before. This means that illegal sites are active in Denmark for a shorter period of time because they are blocked faster after we identify the sites,” explains Anders Dope.

The Danish Gambling Agency continues to monitor the gambling market to detect illegal gambling. In particular, the Danish Gambling Agency uses automatic searches but also tracks reports from individuals and businesses.

If the Danish Gambling Agency finds a site offering illegal gambling, it is the Danish ISP that informs the violation and asks the Danish Gambling Agency to stop the illegal offering, and if the illegal offering does not stop, it is the Danish ISP that must actually implement the illegal gambling site blocking.

Blocked websites mainly offer traditional casino games such as roulette, gaming machines, and poker, as well as betting. Thirteen of them are so-called skin betting websites. Skin bets include bets, casino games and lotteries where deposit and/or winnings are skins, which are fictional items in computer games.

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