Corruption allegations, a first championship in 29 years, and a surprise move for Lee Ji-young

The memory starts in April 2022. Less than a month before the opening. Heroes is a bit of a mess. It’s due to differences of opinion within the team. The issue was the starting catcher.

Park Dong-won wanted to wear the mask more often. He’s a year away from free agency. This is what he needs to do to increase his value. The coaching staff, on the other hand, had a different idea. They plan to use him as a designated hitter to build up his strength. He’s also concerned about his nagging knee problem.

He is deep in thought. But then someone came along. It was the Tigers’ manager (Jang Jeong-seok). He was once the owner of the Gocheok-dome supervision room. He knows the situation better than anyone. He also has his own regrets. They were in desperate need of an offensive catcher.

In fact, the negotiations began in the winter. 온라인카지노 It was only delayed by a lot of talk. In the end, the deal was finalized. The Tigers gave up Kim Tae-jin and a second-round pick. They also transferred 1 billion won in cash. Park happily boarded the KTX train to Gwangju. He was guaranteed to play catcher at least four times a week.

A high-profile trade

And time passed. A lot has happened. The Tigers’ former general manager who made the trade is under investigation by authorities. It’s alleged that he asked players for hush money during free agency.

The allegations were disclosed by the player himself. He reportedly thought about it for seven months before deciding to come forward. The player has since gone on to win. He moved to the Twins and won a championship ring. He helped fulfill a 29-year-old dream. It was the pinnacle of his career.

There”s another aftermath. The Heroes could have a new generation. Thanks to what the Tigers received in the trade. With their draft pick (second round), they selected a catcher from Chungam-go the following year. Kim Dong-hun.

He accompanied them from camp in Arizona. He made the Opening Day roster. In April, he was given occasional playing time, and in August, he took on a full-time role. It was an unconventional use of a 19-year-old catcher. It was said that the team was focusing on development.

However, he didn’t disappoint. He had a decent season. In 102 games, he hit .242 with 51 hits in 211 at-bats, two home runs, 17 RBIs, and 22 runs scored. The data isn’t bad either. He posted an OPS of 0.631, a wRC+ of 80.4, and a WAR of 0.74.

He was also selected for the Asian Games and APBC. He was exempted from military service.

Park Dong-won trade, 21 months later…

The story continues. It was two days ago (the 12th). The unexpected happened. An official appeared. It was the announcement of the transfer of a catcher. The Rangers acquired Ji-Young Lee. It’s a sign-and-trade. The Heroes signed and assigned the contract. The total amount is 400 million won for two years. It’s 350 million won per year with a 50 million won option.

Kiwoom gets two things. 250 million won in cash and a 2025 draft pick (3rd round). Lee Ji-young is also happy. It’s a chance in his 38th season. He’ll be able to play more.

On the other hand, there is a more serious side. Kim Min-sik. It happened during the tug-of-war with Landers. The club pulled out a trump card when free agency talks stalled. Lee Ji-young can play right away. If he holds out for a year or two, a generation change (Cho Hyung-woo) is possible.

This is the market’s analysis that Kim Min-sik’s bargaining power will drop considerably. Looking around, there is not much difference. 에볼루션 바카라사이트 I don’t see much of a shortage of catchers.

It all started two years ago. It’s a chain reaction of the Park Dong-won trade. The Heroes acquired Kim Dong-hun with that pick, which allowed them to sell Lee Ji-young.

The Kiwoom Heroes have made five trades in the last three years. Park Dong-won, Joo Hyo-sang (2022), Kim Tae-hoon, Choi Won-tae (2023), and now Lee Ji-young.

It’s worth noting. Four of these deals included a rookie designation in return. When someone grows up, someone loses their chance. It’s the inevitable process of generational change. What’s more, the team is unusually aggressive about it. They’re a prime target for trades.

Remember. Dominoes don’t fall alone. We don’t know what else will happen.

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