Contrary to expectations, I chose to stay.

Spanish media Relevo reported on Monday that Real Madrid has renewed its contract with Carlo Ancelotti. Everything was agreed upon before leaving for the winter vacation, and the contract period is until 2026.

In the first place, Ancelotti was most likely to leave Real Madrid after the end of this season. The Brazilian national team was chosen as the next destination. The Brazilian team replaced Cicci shortly after the FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup in November last year. Unlike its reputation as the most champions of the tournament in Qatar, the team already packed up its bags early on after losing to Croatia in the quarterfinals. Ultimately, Brazil separated from Cicci citing its poor performance.

Ancelotti was most likely to be Brazil’s next coach. Ancelotti’s contract expires at the end of this season. Naturally, Brazil was waiting for Ancelotti to be appointed. Currently, the Brazilian national team is led by acting coach Fernando Ginnis. 안전놀이터

Contrary to expectations, however, the Real Madrid leadership has tilted its weight to stay. Real Madrid’s leadership has long vowed that Ancelotti would not take the helm of the Brazilian national team. In the end, Ancelotti appears to have re-signed.

Ancelotti has made numerous history with Real Madrid. He has been at the helm for about two years since 2013, when he won the UEFA Champions League and the Copa del Rey in Spain in the 2013-14 season. He has since taken the helm again in 2021, and won the Spanish La Liga title and the UCL title in that year.

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