Choi Jun-yong also said, “Some of the national team players are not qualified…”If you get a hold of yourself”

In the fourth round of the professional basketball game between the Busan KCC and the Seoul Samsung Bluewings, KCC defeated the Samsung Bluewings 90-74 in the second half. The team fell behind 42-48 in the first half, but turned the tables in the third quarter. It was the moment to end its two-game losing streak. The lowest-ranked Samsung lost six straight games.

Choi Jun-yong was at the center of KCC’s come-from-behind victory. He exploded with 16 points in the third quarter alone. He performed well with block shots in defense and three-point shots in offense. It was impressive to see him dribble the ball over the fence and deploy his offense. He had a total of 22 points, eight rebounds, five assists and four blocks on the day.

Samsung manager Kim Hyo-beom said he lost because of Choi Jun-yong. “I told him beforehand that Choi was the scariest, but I was overwhelmed by his energy level. I couldn’t stop him from hitting an outlet pass,” he admitted. 토토사이트 추천

When the match ended, Choi said confidently. “I was on a losing streak, but I’m happy to win. But I had to win the game. It was the same in the last game. Just because I won today (21st), there is nothing to be compared with. I have to prepare for the next game.”

“If I played for 40 minutes in the last game, I would have won. The coach cared about me in order to arrange my physical strength. I hope he didn’t care about me,” he added.

There were talks about the national team, too. “I worked hard, but I just didn’t make it (to the national team). It’s not that I didn’t join the national team,” he said. “These days, they both hate going to the national team. It’s crazy. They sometimes take a rest and don’t look like players. They lack the qualifications. (Those players) should step down voluntarily. I don’t know why they are sitting on the bench clapping their hands.”

Ra Gun-ah, Choi’s teammate, recently mentioned his sense of responsibility in selecting the national team. At the Hangzhou Asian Games held last year, the Korean men’s basketball team ranked seventh. Their performance was the worst ever. They were far from medal contenders, let alone the gold medal, which was their goal.

The aftermath was quite severe. During the competition, Hur Hoon even said, “I’m consistently getting drafted by the national team, and this was particularly severe. While preparing for the Asian Games, the atmosphere was so chaotic that I wondered if this was right.” At that time, Choi was not able to make the national team roster.

Choi mentioned the importance of the national team. “Everyone would know the significance of the national team. Only the players do not know. I hope they pull themselves together. I came to my senses and they won’t recruit me,” Choi said. “I really didn’t like the attitude of some players toward the national team.”

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