“Because you’re the main player in Brazil.” As Son Heung-min said, Hisharlisong’s consecutive goals exploded

English professional football Tottenham Hotspur striker Hisharlison immediately fulfilled the order of “senior” Son Heung-min. Hisharlisson started the 2023-2024 Premier League (EPL) 17th round away game against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground in Nottinghamshire, England, on the 16th (Korea time) and scored the first winning goal with a header in extra time in the first half to take the lead in Tottenham’s 2-0 victory.

Hisharlison, who scored multiple goals in the previous match against Newcastle (4-1 Tottenham win), scored two consecutive goals. It is the first time in a year and seven months that Hissarlisong has scored in two consecutive league matches. His last consecutive goals came in May last year when he played for Everton against Brentford and Crystal Palace.

For the Brazilian national team’s main striker, he has not scored consecutive goals for his team for quite a long time. 온라인카지노사이트

Hisharlisson received significant attention as he played four seasons at Everton from 2018 to 2022, scoring a total of 53 goals in the official match.

In particular, Tottenham recruited him for a whopping £60 million (99.4 billion won) in transfer fees ahead of last season, who even showed his side as a solver by producing a lot of decisive goals in the game.

It was highly anticipated, but Hisarlison was extremely sluggish at Tottenham.

He scored only one goal in the league last season, and even if he added to other tournaments, he only scored three points in the official match.

This season, Masugar fell into a long “goal silence” after scoring against Sheffield United in the fifth round.

He couldn’t play for a while because he had groin surgery.

Son Heung-min is the player who has been a support whenever Hisharlisong is difficult.

Son Heung-min publicly praised Hissarlis when he scored sometimes.

After the match against Sheffield, he said, “I feel better than when I scored, seeing Hisharlis score.”

In the video footage of Tottenham training, Son Heung-min’s prank on Hisharlison is particularly frequent.

Hisharlisong also showed his deep affection for his brother by posting a picture of him hugging Son Heung-min after the round of 16 match between Brazil and Korea at the 2022 Qatar World Cup and posting a message on SNS, “You are my hero.”

Ahead of the match against Nottingham, Son Heung-min said he hoped Hisharlison would continue his scoring sense against Newcastle.

“He is a strong player. He has returned as strong as usual after tough days such as surgery,” Son said. “I am very happy and happy to see him score a goal. As he is the main striker in Brazil, I look forward to scoring more goals.” He immediately responded to the captain’s affectionate call with a goal.

Coach Anji Postecoglou said after the match, “Hisharlisong has shown that he can be a real threat with or without the ball. He will continue to have opportunities. I hope he can take that opportunity and elevate his performance to the level we hope he will.”

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