“A reliable pitcher at a reasonable price”…Escape from last place team? KBO 20 wins MVP, trade market wants

A former MVP of the KBO League is emerging as the most sought-after pitcher in the Major League trade market. Eric Peddy (31), the Chicago White Sox player, is not as strong as the last-place team in the entire league. He wants Peddy, who became the ace of the last-place team in the trade market. 토토사이트 추천

The official U.S. Major League Baseball website “MLB.com ” mentioned Pedi’s name on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time) when it published an article under the title of “13 best trade candidates and potentially suitable teams.”

The media said of Peddy, “The return to the Major League has been solid. We signed a two-year, 15-million-dollar contract. If the team wants to take Peddy to the team, it will have to pay the rest of the 7.5 million-dollar annual salary in 2024 and 7.5 million-dollar annual salary next year, which is a reasonable amount for a reliable pitcher.”

Peddy was the pitcher who dominated the KBO League last year. As a member of the NC Dinos, he played 180 ⅓ innings in 30 starts, winning 20 games and losing 206, with a 2.00 ERA and 209 strikeouts. He achieved triple crown by ranking first in multiple wins, ERA and strikeouts, and won the league MVP and the Gold Glove in the pitching category.

Before joining the NC Dinos, he was a promising first-rounder for the Washington Nationals and gave him a chance to become a starting pitcher. However, the pitcher, who failed to grow as expected, took the lead in the KBO league and gained attention. In the end, he received the highest ransom among Korean pro-baseball players, which was 15 million dollars for two years with the Chicago White Sox.

Peddy is proving his growth in the KBO League to the major leagues. Currently, Peddy is the ace of his team and one of the leading starting pitchers in the league. In 16 starts, he has posted a record of 5 wins and 2 losses with an earned run average of 3.05 in 94 ⅓ innings. He has 86 strikeouts and a WHIP (allowed on base per inning) of 1.14. Currently, he ranks second overall in contribution to win (WAR) compared to substitute players based on the “baseball-reference” with a record of 3.7.

The game against the Detroit Tigers on the 22nd was a frustrating day for Peddy. During seven innings, Peddy pitched 92 pitches, allowing five hits (one homer), one walk, three strikeouts, and two runs. However, when Peddy was on the mound, the batters only managed one run. Peddy had no choice but to become a losing pitcher.

It must be an attractive offering for a team that needs to bolster its starting lineup while aiming for the postseason. “MLB.com ” mentioned the Houston Astros, Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals as potential teams that could want Peddy.

Chicago Sun-Times, a local media outlet in Chicago, explained, “There are rumors that center fielder Luis Robert Jr. and left-hander Garrett Crochet are the best trade cards for Chris Gaetz, but Eric Peddy should be benched as the White Sox’s “Big Three” trade card.”

“Peddy has been playing well throughout the season. After outstanding performance in Korea in 2023, he signed a two-year, 15-million-dollar contract. I can bring in good prospects from postseason competitors who can use him for a season and a half,” he said, expressing high expectations of a trade and supporting his trade.

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