The National Soccer Team Runs on the Ground

The national team began training at the National Football Center in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, on the morning of the 26th. Although the raindrops were strong, 29 players, including 25 field players and 4 goalkeepers, started training.

After warming up with a simple stretch, a stormy run continued in heavy rain. They lined up on the ground and sprinted fast. After playing several times from the front of the penalty box to the front of the opposite penalty box, the players also lost their breath. The coaching staff encouraged the players with applause. 토토사이트

After warming up for about 15 minutes, field players split into four groups for each position and began physical training. High-intensity training was followed by a group running on the ground and a group running away from obstacles. Coach Bell also ran together in a group that includes Ji So-yeon and Cho So-hyun.

Lee Young-joo , who returned to the national team for the first time in about a year due to an injury, entered NFC even before the official call-up date and began training separately with coach Bell. On the same day, he easily carried out high-intensity training such as fast running.

Lee Young-joo said, “The members of the national team have changed a lot during my absence,” adding, “I am adapting to the feeling of a newbie.” He said, “Physical training is the hardest. “But now the players feel the importance, so they have a different mindset,” he said.

Lee Young-joo, who played for Incheon Hyundai Steel until 2021, entered the European stage last year. When I went abroad, I felt the importance of “high-intensity training” emphasized by Bell.

“After entering Europe, I now understand what the coach is saying,” he said. He then explained, “In the past, just high-intensity felt like ‘Play strong a lot,'” adding, “Now I feel like I want more dense soccer.”

Son Hwa-yeon, who is not in good condition, fell into the morning training. Park Eun-sun, who has a minor injury, conducted separate training.

Colin Bell will play a warm-up match against Haiti at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 8th of next month. After confirming the final 23 entries, he will leave for Australia on the 10th.

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