The illegal online gambling sites blocked by ACMA

The ACMA has asked Australian internet service providers to block more illegal offshore gambling websites after an investigation found five services operating in violation of the interactive gambling law in 2001.

The most recent sites blocked are:

  • Viperspin
  • Just Casino
  • betting and playing
  • Playpina
  • Comic-Play Casino

835 illegal gambling and affiliated websites have been blocked since the ACMA made its first blocking request, and 215 illegal services have been withdrawn from the Australian market since the ACMA began enforcing new illegal offshore gambling regulations in 2017.

Blocking websites is one of the various enforcement options to protect Australians from illegal online gambling. You can take action if the website: 바카라

  • Providing prohibited interactive gambling services to Australian customers (such as services that allow online casinos, online slot machines and in-play online sports betting)
  • Providing Unlicensed Regulated Interactive Gambling Services to Customers in Australia
  • Posting ads for interactive gambling services or unlicensed regulated interactive gambling services prohibited in Australia.

Australians who use illegal gambling services are not protected by Australian law. This means that our law can’t be helpful in the event of a problem, such as a service provider holding off on winning.

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