‘Korean leader of the next Chinese national team?’ China to replace Yankovic, Choi Kang-hee and Seo Jung-won

At the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, China was eliminated from the group stage with no goals scored in all three matches. China had two draws and one loss without scoring a single goal against Tajikistan (0-0), Lebanon (0-0), and Qatar (0-1). China, which came in third in the group, failed to advance to the final 16.

Chinese national team coach Aleksandar Yankovic will highly likely be replaced. Since his inauguration as Chinese national team, he has recorded four wins, four draws and seven losses in 15 matches. The China Football Association is seeking foreign coaches to blame for his loss. 토토사이트 순위

“The Chinese national team will return to China on Monday afternoon. It will announce the official dismissal of Yankovic afterwards. He has decided to take rest after reaching an agreement with the China Football Association. He already learned about his dismissal before the final game,” said Sohu.

Yankovic is a Serbian-born coach who was selected as the coach of Chinese soccer based on his will to fight anti-corruption. His contract term ended until the Asian Cup. The China Football Association set Yankovic an unreasonable goal of advancing to the quarterfinals at the Asian Cup. The result was no goal in three matches.

“The Korea Football Association has nominated a new coach. The association wants to have a replacement for the World Cup qualifying match with Singapore in March. Due to the tight schedule, three candidates are Choi Kang-hee (Shandong Taishan), Jordi Binalles (Zhejiang Lucheng), and Seo Jeong-won (Chengdu), who have proven themselves in the Chinese Super League.

“Choi is old and has a track record of leading the Korean national team, so she will not be interested in the Chinese team,” said Sohu. The most likely candidates are Jordi and Seo Jung-won. Jordi has been in the top three for the past three years with outstanding leadership. Seo Jung-won is also a popular candidate, leaving open the possibility.

As many as two of the candidates for the Chinese national team are Koreans. In other sports such as archery and short track speed skating, Koreans have coached the Chinese national team. However, it is questionable whether a former leader of the Korean national team will take the helm of China in a soccer game where nationalism is strong.

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