Japan’s shock defeat → 30 minutes late for training, “I was loose.”

Japan will play its third Group D match against Indonesia at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup on Wednesday. Iraq ranks first in the group (six points) and Japan ranks second (three points). Indonesia has the same point as Japan, but fell behind in goal difference to rank third.

This is the third game of its fate. Japan is exerting all of its efforts to advance to the round of 16 strongest teams. Although Japan is ahead of Indonesia in objective performance, a reversal could happen anytime as if it lost the match against Iraq. Even if the team wins, if the match between Korea and Japan is successful, the schedule itself could become bumpy.

According to Japanese media Yahu Japan, Japan seems to have been shocked by the defeat in the match against Iraq. Japan’s training session was on display for the first 15 minutes on Tuesday. Local reporters gathered to wait for the Japanese national team. However, it is rumored that he did not show up for more than 30 minutes. This is because the team’s meeting has been prolonged.

“The Middle East’s competitiveness is not weak. We need to renew our commitment,” Japan’s captain Endo Wataru said. “Asian countries want to topple Japan.”

Junya Ito also said, “Everyone tried to pour 100%, but I think it was a little loose. We need to make a bigger effort to increase our competitiveness and win.” 토토사이트 순위

Tensions are building in the squad. Endo said, “The meeting has been concluded just by listening to the coach. Players including myself talked a lot today. I exchanged opinions with players who did not participate in the game. The mood has shifted due to the defeat. I am confident that I have a chance to return to the basics.”

Japan’s biggest problem was its defense. There were difficulties in the air ball contest, and the defensive pressure was not severe. According to Endo, there is a rumor that they talked a lot about adjusting the defensive line.

There is a possibility that South Korea and Japan, the strongest candidates at the Asian Cup, will meet in the round of 16. Japan is likely to be second in Group D. If South Korea advances to the round of 16 as the top of the group, it will face Japan, the second-ranked in Group D. Everything is expected to be determined through the upcoming match of the third round.

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