Isn’t it the manager’s job to manage the players?

First of all, the health of the players comes first, and the second is dialogue. Conversations with players are also important, but conversations with clubs and coaches of each team are important. As Son Heung-min plays an important role in Tottenham as well, coach Enze Postecoglou is also likely to hope to play a healthy role in the national team and return. Likewise, I hope Son Heung-min is healthy in his team. In the end, conversation with his team is the most important, and when he is in Europe, he is building interests by not only watching the game but also talking a lot about Korean players. And I also played more than 100 A matches, and I will be very happy if Son Heung-min or Kim Min-jae return home through Incheon Airport after a long time. After all, these conversations are quite important. After the call-up, we will continue to talk with the players to understand the condition and make internal judgments.

Do you want to actively hire Jung Woo Young? 스포츠토토사이트

Jung Woo-young had a pretty tough last season. (Freiburg) It was difficult because it wasn’t in the manager’s plan, but the Stuttgart transfer seems to have been a pretty good transfer. I felt again that changes in the environment can have a positive effect. If you look at the local media in Stuttgart, there is quite a lot of praise for Jung Woo-young. I hope he continues his performance in the Asian Games in the A national team. When players have such a positive season, it is important to show good performance in various teams, including the national team. Thanks to Jung Woo-young, local fans in Germany learned a lot about military issues through the Stuttgart media.

What specific areas should be developed for the Asian Cup?

I think they played well against Colombia and Uruguay in March. The result was unfortunate, although it did not win. In June, he tried to experiment with various players, but there were many difficulties. The players’ fatigue was very high, and Son Heung-min had hernia surgery. There was also an unusual problem with Kim Min-jae’s basic military training. We lost a lot of set piece runs before. So in September, there was a lot of internal talk about reducing set-piece runs. In the end, there was no set piece loss in the September game. Like this, I understand by talking a lot with the players. It is good to play against strong teams every time, but it is not easy considering other continental cup competitions. And Tunisia is a strong team. This is the result of Tunisia’s victory over Japan 3-0 in the Giraffe Cup. South Korea is a team that has the ability and quality to win the Asian Cup. As we fill in the shortcomings through trial and error and the opening game of the Asian Cup in January approaches, we become full of hunger and aspiration for the championship. I believe I can win the championship, and it is important to convey this belief to the players to prepare for it. The same goes for all of you in front of me. I think the team will be more encouraged and able to show better performance when they believe together. I’ve learned a lot about how the Korea Football Association operates and what the media and fans think. There are some parts that I did well and some that I didn’t, but now I’m comfortable in many ways. Since we have a little understanding, I think we can get good results at the Asian Cup if not only me and the coaching staff but also the fans believe in us.

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