Deloitte will oversee various aspects of the special purpose company working at Yumeshima Resort.

Osaka Prefecture has selected business consultant Deloitte Tuche Tochmatsu to provide support services for the development of the upcoming integrated resort. The construction of new casinos and entertainment venues is expected to revolutionize Japanese games. 파칭코사이트인포

Under the contract with the prefecture, the consulting firm will be tasked with overseeing various aspects of the special purpose company working at the resort on Yumeshima Island in Osaka Bay. Deloitte is therefore responsible for monitoring the financial, legal, and technical details of the project.

During FY 2023-24, Deloitte Tochmatsu will closely follow the business activities of the consortium working at the Osaka resort. Deloitte was the only bidder in the Osaka Prefecture’s request for an offer, as first reported by GGR Asia. The working cost will be about $593,000, including consumption tax.

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