Betts’ absence is irreplaceable. However, there were enough players to replace Betts, and Ohtani was chosen.

Ohtani served as the leadoff for the Los Angeles Angels. Since his debut, he has played 63 games as the first hitter for the Angels, posting a batting average of .27 with 14 homers and 34 RBIs with an OPS of .896. Although his performance is slightly lower than his career average, he has displayed excellent leadoff performance. 토토사이트 순위

After taking the leadoff role, he became even more monstrous. After Betts went on the injured list, he was the first batter in the first game of the four consecutive games against the Colorado Rockies on Saturday, posting three hits, one RBI, one walk and two runs from five times at bat. He played four base games including one double. On Sunday, he continued to post two hits, two RBIs and two runs from five times at bat, including a home run. On Sunday, he also recorded two hits, three RBIs and one run from five times at bat, and on Sunday, he recorded one hit, one run and two walks from three times at bat, including a leadoff home run. He became the lone lead in homers in the National League with his 21st homer on the day.

He has a batting average of 444 (eight hits in 18 times at bat) with two homers, seven RBIs, six runs and three walks, and an OPS of 1.268 in four games as a leadoff after Betts’ injury. The first batter continues to perform as if he is in his place or in customized clothes. “That was decided naturally. There was no other alternative, and he was a perfectly appointed player. He was the first batter before that,” he said. “To be honest, he is playing better in the first batting order and has started to swing better than before. He is playing his role to dominate the strike zone,” he said, expressing satisfaction with his role as the first batter.

In Dodger Nation, which deals with the news of the Dodgers, he said, “The Dodgers have brought three of the four consecutive Colorado games and found the source of their desperate offense in Ohtani,” adding, “Coach Roberts initially said he was not sure whether Ohtani would take the leadoff only against right-handed pitchers, but so far, it has been a leadoff regardless of left-handedness. Considering Ohtani’s strong performance, he will stay as the first hitter in the near future,” explaining that Ohtani’s use of No. 1 will continue.

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